KETV NewsWatch 7 - Omaha App Reviews

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Great 👍🏽

I love this app!

Love the alert updates

Have it always on


To many ads for free internet.

The worst

Edited Dec 22: Foolish me, I decided to watch two UNL dorms come down on the KETV app. I sat through two commercials, Melissa Fry comes on, then they interrupt her mid sentence to run four more. When the fifth came on, I could see it was too late, though I tried to find another website to watch the implosion. Stupid me. I’m deleting this app for good. I’ve rated this app a 2 Star, now I’m downgrading it to just 1. I was just looking at the KETV page to email the webmaster, when a popup appeared asking me to rate this, which I am glad to do. This page is awful. The print is so small, it’s unreadable to me. I’ve tried to blow it up so I can read it, but it’s not capable of doing so. Sometimes I’d rather read a story rather than watching, but there is no way I can do so. I’ll get a notification that there is a news conference to watch, but nothing happens except for a few commercials. I understand I have to sit through them, but then the conference won’t some on, it says something about how there is nothing to watch. Channel 7 is my preferred channel to watch, but there is no way I can read the news via this app. I choose to read another channel’s web page, where I can blow up the text large enough to read. On the other hand, other reviewers are mentioning the typos, so it mIght be a good thing I can’t read it.

Poor choice

I have enjoyed using KETV Weather Now for a long time. It had everything I needed to know instantly. Now I am forced to use the news connection. Not nearly as user friendly and much harder to navigate.

Where’s the local news?

Too many VUZ and they are there for too many days.

Weather portion BLOWS

Is there a 0 ZERO rating? I just want the weather. They ditched their weather app for this. The weather app doesn't even state which direction the wind is coming from. Ditching it.


I didn’t care for it before and I still don’t. How do you mute the audio from the advertisement if you would just like to read the article that is below the advertisement? Thank you, Patricia Gonsior

KETV app

It’s ok. Print is quite small. News seems minimal.

Love the app

Really enjoy this app, I am from Omaha but now live in San Antonio. So this keeps me up to date , Thanks

Content can be old

I use this everyday . And of course it has adds . It's free . But the biggest issue I have is how long and old you leave content / old story's on the page . It is quite obvious that no one seems to be working on updating the whole site on a regular basis. Mostly Vuz videos. So for a lot of my daily news I have to go to other sites. I do realize it is a Tv Station and not a paper though...

Same old stories

You will have the same stories or pictures of stories up for a week or more. Then they will be gone but you will rerun them in a few days. Your total news is not up to date. For a news broadcasting service it is terrible.

Terrible app

This app is filled with adds and is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to navigate through. Trash this and start over. This is a fail in every way.

KETV Update

There are so many bugs in this app that to list them all is probably not productive. However; a couple of the more egregious problems should be addressed so that they (hopefully) will be fixed. Attaching the wrong video to the story, happens way too often. Sending notification of a breaking event and not being able to find the story immediately. Please proof read the writing, there are so many mistakes for a news organization.

Station promos

After an alert for a story I go to your app and hope to find some hint as to where it is. Poor layout. On another matter: your on screen weather alert crawls belong at the bottom of the screen. Your attempts at cute and unique are foolish. The human eye drifts to the lower screen, especially for detail. It is neither natural nor comfortable to attempt information above the action. Viewers, like myself, simply switch to another channel where the crawl is in a larger font and placed for easier comprehension.

New app

After I got familiar with it love it !! I always listen to ketv at night sometimes others but can always go to your app and see news! I love it! Now want the station back on cox!

Two words

Love it ! Keep me updated with the news

Annoying notification about notifications?!

Please update the app and remove the constant (seems like daily) reminder to turn on push notifications. This is the exact reason why I don't use notifications for News apps. Everything becomes "push worthy" so the News stations thinks they will be more relevant on a users phone. It's just annoying! Now you have an annoying notification about notifications?! Ridiculous! Remove this "reminder notification" or I will delete your app from my phone.

App performs like it's supposed to.

This app responds quickly and lets me see what I want to see without forcing me to look at things I'm not interested in. And the weather is top notch. Very well done!

Notifications Error

I keep getting notifications of a notification error to set notification settings? Makes no sense.

Nice App

BUT too much space and junk on top of each article. It needs to be toned down.

KETV app

This app is the best news app in Omaha hands down.


Use it daily. Wouldn't have any other news app

Old news

KETV leaves current news on site far too long, and it becomes old or very old news. We do not relish looking at old news, nor due the vast majority of folks.

Great App.

I use it constantly throughout the day, always. They are on top of all things news related and timely in notifications

Guaranteed to crash

App will crash at least once every time I use it. With out fail. This has been going on for several months now. I install the updates when they come out with no change in performance.

Not. Good.

The app itself is so-so; I give it 3 stars. The content, however, is downright unreadable. I don't think humans are involved - no proofreading & stories that make no sense. This thing is an embarrassment for KETV & they should just drop it.

Just OK

I live channel 7 news. But it seems on the app the same news stays for days even weeks. I like listening to the live broadcast in the morning but turn the volume down when the same ads repeat again and again.


If it didn't kill Spotify while using it that'd be great. Check the code on that one developers. Also to the content creators, there's a lot more to report on. Do some real legwork and have your editor actually check spelling and grammar. It's embarrassingly bad.

Simply outstanding

5stars I only trust KETV for my news and weather.

NewsWatch 7

Love this app! Can see the news/weather anytime!!!


It is now working great...

App won't open

App won't open after latest update

I love this app but

I can't get into the app at all

Too many videos not enough articles

This app seems to think everyone just wants to watch videos. I would rather read the articles. If I wanted to watch videos, I could just record and watch the broadcast of all the stories.

App update

I've tried several attempts to update the app, but unsuccessful. What should I do?


This has been my favorite station for many years ! Everyone there is great at their job ! Even new people always seem to fit right in and do a good job ! Whether on TV or online, channel 7 is the best !


Awesome web page! Lots of information!

Confusing App

This upgrade is STILL horrible. It is very confusing! Can't read most news stories. I use to love their app a few years ago, but now I usually use the wowt app because it lists all the articles in an easy understandable way and lets you read the news articles instead of just watching videos. It doesn't seem the developers at ketv understand that most people go the app so they can read the articles quietly when they are in a public place.

List update change log

They need to start listing the changes included with the updates. Ridiculous!! Either the developers are lazy or they just don't want us to know!


Now EVERY time I open the app, i have to close the dam pop-up ad! WHY!?!??

Poor weather app

Don't bother if you are 45+. The white letters on beige background for the weather app make it difficult to read.

Add to settings

I do NOT watch sports so I do not need to be notified about Nebraska's scores every few minutes. All it is is just wasting my battery on my cellphone. So you really need to have in you APP's settings a way for us to pick what kind of notifications we want from the KETV APP

Weather app

Love it

Good app

The best thing about ur app is when u send out a news alert the info is right there when I open the app--- no searching for it!

Don't like it

I'm one update away from deleting this app. Terrible. Wish the format was better in as much as I feel like there are too many non local topics.

7 Watcher

Great ap, great station. Use ap everyday for both news and weather. Easy to navigate through all the different selections. Recommend for all.


So happy with the up to date details of KETV 7 I always feel like I am I. The loop!

Great App

Great app! Most everything works well and don't really have any issues!


This is a great app to have if your in the Omaha Metro Area. I'm very greatful for having this app on my apple device, when there is severe weather this app will warn quickly. I really recomend this fanstatic app.

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